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The North Face and a climber

To create a quality product, it is necessary to go through a step of prototyping, fabric developmentand elaboration of new trims.
Indeed, each model is elaborated, reflected, tested, and modified, if necessary, to meet the qualitative, ecological, visual, and technical expectations. Prior to this, research, development and testing of fabrics and materials is carried out. This research consists of the development of new fabrics, printing of patterns, dyeing, application of technical finishing and all kinds of tests according to the desired functionality.

All these steps are necessary to obtain a quality result, but it remains a cost for the company and its raw materials are then stored in the archives. So why not extend the journey of these materials and find a second use for them?

NEXT LIFE PROJECT aims to transform fabrics and materials that are no longer useful into a new product and accessory that has a similar or higher value. This extends the life cycle and increases the usefulness of the TEST MATERIALS. Furthermore, it allows the creation of new and totally original products without increasing the demand for raw materials. Combining utility and ecology.